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The current increase in air traffic leads to a growing demand for protection against the collision risk between pilots or with birds.

However, in the field of navigation lights, the recent switch from Xenon technology to LED technology has resulted in a brightness degradation and the persistence of radio interference.

Thus, despite the undeniable advantages of LED technology in terms of power consumption, weight and reliability, this new generation of lights still does not guarantee optimum safety.

Raylight‘s engineers have responded to this need by developing innovations in navigation lights and strobe lights, including

  • A higher flash power, 20,000 Lumens, the most powerful on the market
  • Total absence of radio interference
  • Constant low power consumption of up to 1A
  • Mass optimization

Raylight provides you high performance navigation, position and strobe lights while optimizing weight, wiring and power consumption for unrivalled power and an aerospace quality (EN/AS 9100 certified)

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Raylight offers an aeronautical quality product for ultra-light aviation (EN/AS 9100 certification). Its navigation, position and strobe lights ensure a power unmatched on the light aviationmarket. Their weight, design and aerodynamics transform your aircraft vision.


As part of the increasing air traffic, the power of the Raylight navigation, position and strobe lights guarantees to the pilot: comfort, visibility and safety. Its optimized wiring makes installation much easier. Due to its confidence in the quality of its technology, the Raylight team guarantees its products for2 years and a reactive after-sales service.


This technology, which has been developed by engineers specialized in both electronics aeronautics, is based on an optimized electronic design. The choice of components and the innovative electronic architecture of the Raylight navigation, position and strobe lights ensure a revolutionary consumption/power ratio. All for a very low weight and at an affordable price.


Raylight proposes a quality policy in accordance with aerospace requirements (EN/AS 9100 certification), for your greatest satisfaction :

  • Customer satisfaction focused on quality, cost and time efficiency
  • Design of innovative products meeting the aeronautical requirements EN9100
  • Traceability and quality control of all components
  • Eco-friendly process and fight against built-in obsolescence
  • Continual training of our staff for greater responsiveness and efficiency, particularly on the after-sales services
  • Production processes complying with aerospace requirements

Raylight’s quality policy is reflected in its quality indicators :

  • OQD (On Quality Delivery) : 98%
  • OTD (On Time Delivery) : 100%

EN 9100

Certificate EN 9100

Quality Manual
Certificate EN 9100 : 2018 – AS 9100D – JIS Q 9100 : 2016